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Esoteric Dreamer
Esoteric Dreamer

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Posted: 2017-September-06 at 4:29am | IP Logged Quote realmoh

Full Wallpaper View: 1920x1280

TRAPPIST-1e: The fifth planet of the TRAPPIST-1 system, consisting of 7 earth-sized planets, three of them orbiting probably in the habitable zone of the host star, a tiny and dim red dwarf, 40 lightyears from earth.

We are standing at the border of a sea near the terminator of this tidally locked subterran world. The newest researches suggest, there may be still water on this planet older than earth.

The never rising or setting sun appears four times bigger than the sun on earth, nevertheless itís dim. For human eyes itís about as bright as twilight with the sun clearly under the horizon. You can gaze into the starís disk for a little while, perhaps seeing some big sunspots, but it isnít very pleasant.

In the dark sky two other planets (b and c) are visible in the field of view of your position, but there are two more planets observable in the sky.

Rendered in Terragen 4, postwork with Pixelmator.

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Star-faring Vagabond
Star-faring Vagabond

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Posted: 2017-September-09 at 12:08pm | IP Logged Quote nkalanaga


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Eternal Watchman
Eternal Watchman

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Posted: 2017-September-19 at 10:00pm | IP Logged Quote Administrator

Impressive work!  Sure makes you wonder what's out there -- that's an interesting solar system!
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Sentient Life-form
Sentient Life-form

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Posted: 2018-February-17 at 4:16pm | IP Logged Quote Sunchaser

I don't know how I missed this!  I love the rock formations!

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