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Sentient Life-form
Sentient Life-form

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Posted: 2016-November-02 at 1:55pm | IP Logged Quote realmoh

Full Wallpaper View: 1920x1280

Meet Hellhouse:

A primordial rocky Super-Earth in a close, tidally locked orbit around a young Red Dwarf. Compared with this planet, Venus is a paradise! A dense hydrogen- and helium-enriched and high-pressured atmosphere refracts, scatters and absorbs most of the light of the Red Dwarf.

Here, at the substellar point, the atmosphere and the surface are overheated by the star’s radiation and unpredictably flare-eruptions. The landscape is mostly melted, a constant and chaotic lava flow, interrupted by some rocky peaks also on the verge of melting. This lava is very viscous, almost „solid”, due the atmospheric pressure and the high gravity of this Super-Earth. So the landscape is slowly but permanently changing it’s aspect. The atmosphere under the substellar point is a constant hurricane-like storm. Sooner or later (in geological terms) the dense atmosphere will mostly dissipate due the star’s radiation and maybe leave behind a more „earth-like” planet.

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Sentient Life-form
Sentient Life-form

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Posted: 2016-November-04 at 8:01am | IP Logged Quote Sunchaser


Looks rather uncomfortable!  I like!

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Primordial Blob
Primordial Blob

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Posted: 2016-December-01 at 1:17am | IP Logged Quote Avvie

Sunchasrer wrote:

Looks rather uncomfortable!  I like the follixin pills


I love this. I'd hate to be dropped off in this barron land.
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