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Esoteric Dreamer
Esoteric Dreamer

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Posted: 2016-July-17 at 1:08am | IP Logged Quote realmoh

Full Wallpaper View: 1920x1280 

A young earth-like planet in its early Proterozoic eon, like the earth some 2.5 billion years ago. A panoramic view of a vast plateau, formed by gigantic volcanic eruptions, like the Deccan Traps or the Siberian Traps on earth, now eroded by wind and rain.

An oxygen-enriched atmosphere is developing trough the evolution and „explosion” of early lifeforms capable of photosynthesis, similar to cyanobacterias and algae on earth, sign of a convergent evolution.

The shallow lakes and ponds are created by rain, mostly drying out and filling again in irregular intervals. They are full of this lifeforms, encouraged by this environmental conditions to leave the water, so as the heavy tides caused by the three big moons of this planet do at the shores of the oceans. Nevertheless It takes another 2 billion years for lifeforms to permanently conquer the land masses of this planet…

Rendered in Terragen 3.4; Postwork with Pxelmator

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Star-faring Vagabond
Star-faring Vagabond

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Posted: 2016-July-31 at 1:44am | IP Logged Quote nkalanaga


I grew up in southeast Washington State, USA, in the Columbia Lava Plateau, a smaller and younger version of the Siberian and Deccan traps. 
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