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Esoteric Dreamer
Esoteric Dreamer

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Posted: 2016-January-05 at 10:23am | IP Logged Quote realmoh

Full Wallpaper View: 1920x1080

Full Wallpaper View: 1920x1080

Two views of Wolf 1061c, a newly discovered Super-earth at 14 Lightyears distance, orbiting a Red Dwarf at the inner edge of the habitable zone.
As a probably rocky „Super-earth”, this planet after all is too hostile to earthly life. It’s too massive, with high gravity and high atmospheric pressure. Without some sort of protection you will be dead in a couple of minutes.
With high probability Wolf 1061c’s rotation is tidally locked: Always the same hemisphere points to the local sun (like our moon to the earth). A never ending hot day at one side, a never ending ice-cold night at the other, but the atmospheric circulation fed by the Red Dwarf’s radiation might create a „moderate” climate which balances the extremes. Supposed lifeforms would be totally different from ours, adapted to everlasting light or darkness.

The renders:

#1: You are standing in your protective suit at the border of a vast windy marshland, observing trilobite-like creatures graze the dark, moss-like vegetation on top of big, wind-eroded almost polished rocks. The light is dim and reddish, the Red Dwarf slightly over the horizon. In the background is visible a big moon (I’m presuming a titan-sized moon, also tidally locked to the planet).

#2: By turning to the light source you see the Red Dwarf itself, pinned at the sky forever. It will never set or rise.

Made with Terragen 3.3 and postwork with Pixelmator

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Planetary Explorer
Planetary Explorer

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Posted: 2016-January-20 at 6:24pm | IP Logged Quote Shrubz

I thought those little stripped objects looks like some sort of creatures, and then i read your description :D
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