The USS Shenandoah II at Mars
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Planetary Explorer
Planetary Explorer

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Posted: 2011-April-30 at 11:37am | IP Logged Quote Bambam131

Full Wallpaper View: 1500x816

This image shows that USS Shenandoah II as it is getting ready to enter into orbit around Mars. Thanks again for taking the time to take a look at my work. If you would like to see how I created this model please visit my website at Http://



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Sentient Life-form
Sentient Life-form

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Posted: 2011-April-30 at 12:28pm | IP Logged Quote Ronson2k

Very nicely done. I recognize the command module
(saturn 5) in there. That's pretty cool.

I've always envisioned a way station half way
between earth and mars or perhaps a few stations.
This way the trip would be about 3 months to one of
the stations and then a layover perhaps till a
transport could take you to mars.

In the early days of ocean travel it would take 3
months via sail to cross the ocean. As they were
travelling against the prevailing winds. Life was much
harder then and travel had about the same risks you
would face in a space journey of that length now.

I love your model of Mars too. Top notch work all
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Celestial Watchman
Celestial Watchman

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Posted: 2011-April-30 at 3:24pm | IP Logged Quote regulus

Great beauty shot!!

Levitated Art
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Galactic Wayfarer
Galactic Wayfarer

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Posted: 2011-May-01 at 10:24am | IP Logged Quote TeranAmbassador33

Ronson, what you see as the command module is actually the lander. Please stop assuming things.


Great shot indeed.

"Failure is always an option" - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
Words to live by.

My blog, check it out:
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Star-faring Vagabond
Star-faring Vagabond

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Posted: 2011-May-02 at 12:32am | IP Logged Quote nkalanaga

The problem with the way station idea is that it, Earth, and Mars would all be in different orbits with different periods.  It would be very unlikely that all three would be positioned so that it would be shorter, or quicker, to stop.

Also, that would require two each boost and decelerate burns for a one way trip.  It would be faster to make just two burns as we do now.

Now, if the station was self sufficient, and the crews could live there for months or years, with other people and things to do, that could be another matter.  The crews would only have to make one leg of the journey, and the passengers would wait until the other planet was in range.  But that would require a full habitat station, and there really isn't any economic justification for it.  If there was something to be mined there it would be a great idea.

N Kalanaga

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Cosmic Enigma
Cosmic Enigma

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Posted: 2011-May-02 at 4:41pm | IP Logged Quote karl.garnham1

Excellent Job again
I hope one day to be this good myself.

Well done


My Goal is Simple Conquer Bryce or Die Trying. In Science and Space the only limits are your imagination nothing is impossible if you can imagine it.
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