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Primordial Blob
Primordial Blob

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Posted: 2009-October-22 at 7:46pm | IP Logged Quote Schistad


Does anyone else here combine traditional painting and digital (photoshop) art?

I have a question I hope someone can answer

I'd like to start off my creations by traditional painting. Just shaping out the basic image on paper as I kinda get a better feel and overview of the picture that way. I then scan the picture into photoshop, and continue adding details and generally finishing off the picture that way.

My problem is that when I scan the picture I get a very distinct paper/canvas texture all over. Is there a good trick/an easy way to get rid of the paper texture in photoshop without loosing too much of the overall detail of the painting?
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Celestial Watchman
Celestial Watchman

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Posted: 2009-October-23 at 4:25am | IP Logged Quote Voyager

I've seen a illustrator who had started his image as a digital painting, then he printed the artwork and added details and some elements traditionally. Actually I tried similar way to make some of my spaceship designs, but it seems you want to do it the other way

Many people first do sketches on paper and then add colors digitally. By playing with Levels and Curves you can get the lines clear and black while the paper becomes white without texture, but that works only for linearts.

You want to remove a paper/canvas texture from the painting, it's already colored, right? If you show it to me then I can tell you how you can get rid of the texture, there is many ways to do that, it just depends on the picture.

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Celestial Watchman
Celestial Watchman

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Posted: 2010-May-20 at 3:52pm | IP Logged Quote regulus

Voyager is right, it should be fixable with either the levels or curves commands if it was done on white paper. If done with colors, it should still be possible only a little more difficult. But its hard to explain without seeing what we're talking about

What i have been trying lately is this: sketching ideas out on white or trace paper, then take a digital photo of it (i dont have scanner at home) Drag that into PS, then after a little levels touchups, i start painting colors with Photoshop. I learned this technique mostly from a book by Doug Chiang (he worked on the recent Star wars movies) and i'm not very good yet, but its fun learning
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