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 Solar Voyager : Body Size Calculator

Object diameter: km

Object distance:  km

Image FOV:  degrees (optional)

Image Width:  pixels (optional)

How to use the calculator:

Let's say you want to create an image of Jupiter as seen from Io, its closest moon, and you want it to be scientifically accurate.  Your image will be 1000 pixels wide and will have a field of view of 70 degrees.  You look up information on Jupiter and its moons and find that Jupiter is 142,984 km in diameter and that Io is, on average, 421,000 km from Jupiter.  Plug these values into the calculator:

Object Diameter: 142984
Object Distance: 421000
Image FOV: 70
Image Width: 1000

Click on the Compute Body Size button and the calculator will display:

Angular Size:18.76 degrees!
Object Size on Image:267.99 pixels!

When you create your image, make Jupiter 268 pixels in diameter and you will have a realistic view of the planet as viewed from IO:


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